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Wednesday, July 21, 2004


I didn't want to go totally off .. so I am writing this blog . And as for those of you who read the last one and were wondering which are the two most popular mother tongues in the world. They are Chineese(mandarin) - 13% , followed by hindi (6 %).
Whats more .. well its time for me to get going .. the internship is about to end just 10 more days and I would be back in India .. back to IIT ..
Am a bit confused on whether I want to go back or not , but I guess as an Indian one doesn't have a choice . its imperative to get a degree however useless it maybe.
I will continue with Hinduism later , once I go back and get settled into the next semester

Thursday, July 15, 2004


Hi people!
I am not sure , if anyone would actually be reading this . but i'll do my karma -- "write blogs" . just finished my 3rd year at IIT Delhi . Presently doing an internship in Madrid, Espana. Well most of the time , I am surfing the net and updating my hitherto outdated homepage .. http://geocities.com/shwetankiitd ... Pleaze visit and help increase the counter.
To start with , ever wondered about wht the spanish think about Indians ?
Indians are these thin , poor and crazy people preoccupied with bathing in the water of some river which they call Ganges .. and they dress like the old Romans..
If u haven't been to the Spanish world , u wud be surprised to know about it . Its like a whole new parallel world .The world we know is headed by the US of A , and the english speaking countries Canada , UK , Australia . their colonies inc. the neo-colonies , and India is desperately tryin to get recolonised by the states. and most of the european countries where ppl speak english as good as ne1 else. And the other world is the spanish and portuguese empire of the 17th century. includes spain, portugal , south america , mexico , central america , their african colonies(morroco , spanish guinea etc)... these ppl are almost entirely cutoff frm the other world . they still speak spanish and use it as the primary language of communication... hv nothin to do with english . not so surprisingly , according to the cia factbook , spanish is the mother tongue of some 5.59% people in the world ... and english is recognized as their mother tongue by just 5.61% of the world population .. and they are the 3rd and 4th most popular mother tongues of the world.
which are the 1st and 2nd ? 'll post in the next blog...
so after spelling out all this crap ... i wud come to the point .. i intend to create this blog to teach ppl who read this about their own religion and culture . during the intern period i got loads of free time to read about hinduism .. and various other religions .. and now i firmly believe tht with a few reforms , hinduism has the potential to be the world's most sought after religion . this blog is not meant for converting ppl. coz i believe its ur good karma in the past lives that helped u to be born as a hindu .. others will hv to wait before they are born as hindus and get salvation... gettin a bit heavy ... i'll continue with more on this later..